Reviving Confidence

This past spring, I attended a ūüé•musical ūüé•that my child’s school produced. It was a series of short “snip its” from different Broadway shows. It was spectacular and such fun to watch! I noticed a particular student in the¬†musical who exuded confidence. This¬†teen is involved in multiple activities and beams with great security. It’s quite…Read more »

My Story

Originally posted on Southern Dreamer:
Well, this is probably waaaayyyyyy overdue. XD A little procrastination gif for all my fellow procrastinators out there ūüėČ But, getting down to what this post is really about…my story. More of my testimony really. Feel free to grab a coffee or chocolate chip M&M cookies *coughnotthatI’vebeeneatinganycough* and read on.…