“I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out Your precepts.” Psalm 119:45

To trust what one says, includes taking it at face value and starting to walk the thing out! I find this especially evident in parenting young babes. I remember a time when my little one had done something wrong. He hid it in his heart and kept his secret for a very long time. One night, he began to cry and confessed what he had done in kindergarten. Of course, at this point he was in second grade. He felt terrible about it and said he had felt guilty this whole time. I was pretty shocked that a now 7yo even remembered what he had done when he was 5. At that age, I was good if I could remember what I did at the end of a day!

Blog little boy prayingBrayden and I talked and I told him that I was super proud of him for sharing with me. I was also proud that Jesus had been convicting him in his heart, so that he would bring it to the Father. I shared with him how I had messed up plenty of times and walked him through confession and repentance. I told him about the mercy and forgiveness of Christ. We talked about learning from the things we did, so we don’t continue them in the future.

He folded his baby hands, descended to his knees and asked the Father for forgiveness. He spoke clearly to God as to what the specific “thing” was. When he left his time of prayer, his entire countenance changed. The weight that he carried for those two years melted off his little shoulders. He seemed overcome with happiness, ending our time together with big hugs and giggles!

Wonder if we take God at His Word like children? Jesus commended the faith of a child in Scripture (Matthew 18:3). Brayden knew that he was forgiven for his sins, overall. He knew that he was covered by Christ and was not held under the punishment of his sins. But he felt the weight of them because it went against the goodness of God that dwelt within him. When we sow the secrecy of sin, we reap continued shame. I certainly know this one! Jesus wanted the burdens to be brought to Him so that Brayden could experience the release only Christ could offer.

Confession is an interesting thing. Some how, some way, it seems to make a space within us that hollows out a holy place for Him to pour Himself into, in a healing and refreshing way. A way where He reassures us that not only was “it finished” on the cross, but He finishes it in a different way on a daily basis. “It is finished” is spoken in a sacred place within us through confession. The shame is finished. The embarrassment is finished. The guilt is finished.

We can leave confession in freedom, like Brayden did. He accepted the words of Jesus and began to walk them out. He didn’t leave with a sense of continued guilt. He didn’t leave with shame gripping his little heart, as it had been for the two previous years.

Wonder what additional thing we are waiting to happen before we take Jesus at His Word and begin to walk out what He says? Is it forgiveness from another person? Is it validation from someone whom we desire approval from? Is it a circumstance we feel has to occur, before our attitude can become hopeful and our day once again productive? Maybe, God has given you insight into a situation exposing what the true problem is. Now, He is calling you to adjust your perspective and walk in what you know instead of what you see or assume. Walk in the liberation through His revelation instead of the logic that is crafted by what our emotions and experience have told us.

Blog believe-2Perhaps,  God has called you to do something or be something that you don’t see in yourself. If He spoke it, BELIEVE it! Not only that, start walking as if you already are what He has said!!! Gideon only saw himself as the weakest man from the weakest family, yet God called him a “mighty warrior (Judges 6:12).” It was up to him to believe it and start walking that out. Faith would include taking on the identity of who Gideon was created to be, instead of who he was at the present time.

I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out Your Precepts.” Psalm 119:45

The psalmist reminds us that the precepts were sought out, therefore he walked in freedom. It doesn’t say his reality displayed the truth of the words at that present moment. Gideon, just like us, had to line his attitude up and see himself in a different way before the actual change in circumstances occurred.

As we begin a fresh, new week, let’s challenge ourselves to take His Promises and stop waiting on believing them. Stop waiting for something to happen or someone to do something. Let’s start walking the thing out…whatever it is! For faith is a precursor to seeing the miraculous occur! Have a beautiful day!

Love you all,



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