“Shout! For the Lord has given you this city!” Joshua 6:16 

God was moving the Israelites out of the desert and they had already seen His miraculous provision in holding back the waters of the Jordan. It was now time to take the land of Canaan; a land vast and filled with good things. God had assured the Israelites that they would have this place of Promise, but that they would not overcome it in one broad stroke; rather bit by bit. This is how they would gain the abundance God had for them. In the process of conquering it, they would learn to trust God and watch Him move. They would be challenged to focus on the Words He had given them and not get distracted by any temptation to fear. God knew the history of the Israelites and how quick they were to push the panic button, using earthly eyes to evaluate their situations.

We, too, face and overcome things on a daily basis. In praying to Him, leaning on His Word and trusting Him, we discover the abundance living God has promised us. We see Him not only equip us, but go before us IF we will patiently endure, wait in HOPE and then execute at the time God commands.

Jericho was an area that was surrounded by heavy walls which to any human seemed immovable. They towered in height, reaching for the skies. An impressive structure that was so thick, it could accommodate homes within the walls themselves. This was no small thing.  Joshua knew that God’s people would face what seemed like darn near impossible challenges. Moses had warned them in Deut. 9:1,3 “Hear, Israel: You are now about to cross the Jordan to go in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than you, with large cities that have walls up to the sky…Be ASSURED today that the Lord your God is the one who goes across ahead of you, like a devouring fire.”

So here they are. Looking at this insurmountable challenge. God gives Joshua clear instructions. After walking around Jericho once a day for six days, they would move into the next phase of faith. It was time to take the victory God had already declared for them. He didn’t say “Do this if it makes sense to you.” He didn’t say, “When you feel battle ready and strong in every way, then go ahead.” He didn’t say, “When you feel confident, move forward.” No. God instructed them to start walking around the walls of Jericho and to sound their trumpets and in that, they would see the wake of His movement.

Their walking around the walls with trumpets blazing openly declared their belief and it also proclaimed to the enemy that they were 100% on board with God. The enemy knows God’s power and what He will accomplish but he sure doesn’t want us to know, trust or believe! The enemy knows the beautiful chaos he can cause when he stirs up disbelief in our souls! For disbelief cultivates hopelessness. Hopelessness is blinding to the point that we can often miss God’s moving. Remember, God can do anything He wants to do, but He has set some things up to be carried out only as we believe Him to do it.  

 What’s interesting to me, is the manner that God would bring the victory He had already declared. In our logical minds, there would be a battle to take possession of a land and in some cases, that is exactly what God called forth. But not here and not now. He wanted this battle to be won through shouts of praise and blaring instruments! This was almost like showing up in combat with confetti poppers and water guns! But this was the point! God wanted them to see that this whole dang thing was more about them trusting in Him and doing whatever He said to do. It was about them watching HIM WIN THE THING for them. But let’s not underestimate the risk the Israelites took as they pulled out their instruments declaring victory that they were trusting would occur.

By faith the walls of Jericho fell, after the army had marched around them for seven days.” Heb. 11:30

I wonder what walls you are facing today? What is standing in your way that seems so much bigger than anything you can handle? What seems so ominous and is completely out of your control. Dear friends, that is the very wall God is using to bring you to your knees and seek His help. That wall is not going to come down any other way than through Jesus Christ.

I have been praying about something for quite a while. A wall most certainly bigger than my family and myself. As I have spent time with Him, He has encouraged me to trust Him in this place. Just recently, I received incredible information that the “walls” are beginning to quake. They are starting to shake! I can’t tell you how much this excited me!! I would share more of this story but it doesn’t involve just me, so I must be careful to not give specifics. What I can tell you is HE IS MOVING and the walls are trembling!!! My heart is literally filled with awe! How does He do it?!? I am shouting, “The Lord has given this!!!!” Even though they have not collapsed entirely, I am praising as I continue to wait for this barrier to melt into a pile of rubble! Let’s not wait on our Halleluiah! PRAISE HIM NOW!!

                “As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.” Psalm 71:14



Maybe you are looking at your Jericho. Maybe, like us, you have been praying for quite some time. Maybe you, too, are beginning to see some signs of promise. Stay encouraged and let’s praise Him now and be ready to move when He says move because our eyes are on Him and our trumpets are positioned to blow!!!

Love you all and have a wonderful day!  





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