“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:5

 Just this week, I was at an appointment and felt compelled to ask the person I was seeing more about her holidays. She willingly and eagerly began to tell me about Christmas and New Years. I had only seen this person once before and knew very little about her. But, just as God’s Spirit would have it, He kept pressing me to listen and inquire a bit more, not knowing exactly why. I did and the conversation began to turn a bit to matters of the heart. She shared with me the difficulty her and her husband were going through with their child (her step child).  

 I knew this was exactly where the Father was taking me. Of course, He knew the struggles and her need for encouragement. He knew she needed the reminder that He was fully present and involved in their trial. He saw their tears and was responding. Sometimes in the midst of difficulty, we need clarity to see how He is working and strength to continue to persevere with the reminder that patience in walking the journey with someone is just NOT fast! I have been where she is, haven’t you? The journey of faith includes our own AND others! Whether it is walking beside someone who doesn’t have a morsel of belief in them or maybe it is someone who says they believe but only chooses to believe portions of the Gospel that makes God explainable to them; or someone who is surrendered completely to Christ but is wrestling with their faith… Life is a journey that God has called us to not only walk out ourselves, but walk beside with others!

The enemy would love for us to simply give up. To grow so discouraged that we can’t even see straight. To question His goodness and doubt His love. The enemy wants us to stop praying, stop speaking truth and stop looking to see where and how God is accomplishing His will, no matter how big or small that glimpse of action is. 

 “Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborer’s are few.” Matthew 9:37 

 Why is that? I believe it is not that we aren’t beside the person and persons God is wanting to make a harvest from, rather we don’t believe anymore. The enemy and our lack of faith has caused us to become apathetic. In fact, I think this is why the Western church will fade away. Not because of persecutory attacks but by apathy.

 God urges us to not allow the enemy to win in this manner. If God has placed you beside someone who is struggling, know that it is YOU He has chosen to persist in representing God’s truth and Presence in their life…HOWEVER LONG THAT IS! Pursue this call with faith!! Pursue this call with passion!! Oh, sweet friends, it is so easy to throw the towel in! One person yields thousands of people. One life yields many (family- family for generations to come).

 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we WILL reap, if we DO NOT GIVE UP!” Galatians 8:22 (Notice this verse is conditional)

 A harvest never comes from the farmer throwing down his shovel and shaking his fist at the heavens. The farmer works in the field with laborious efforts. He gets messy and feels tired at the end of the day. He takes breaks when needed, hits the bed early and keeps himself nourished, so he is ready to start the next day! He anticipates the harvest that he will one day see. He is thankful that though he is responsible for what his role is, the yielding of the field must be met with the water and sun only God can provide. The farmer learns and lives a life of responsibility, patience and dependency. 

 We have all been given a field. As believers we are to plant the truth of God’s Word, pray, persevere, and watch. We keep the optimism of God’s Sovereignty and mysterious grace despite what we see or not as our anchor. This is what He wants and it is imperative to our faith! 

 I prayed with her and the assistant at the end of my appointment and when we finished tears were streaming down their eyes. Do not grow discouraged…for it is this kind of love that can keep you on our knees before the Father. For, indeed, we will sow in tears but take heart, sheaves of joy are coming…least we only persist and not give up!  

 Who are you walking with that has your heart so troubled? May I encourage you to keep going. God’s grace is at work and He wants to give it to you, too. Recognize He has chosen YOU to be that person to journey with them. Keep speaking truth, keep praying and keep pointing them to our Father. For the harvest is coming!  

In His Love and Grace,





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